Unsere Klient*innen

Der nachfolgende Text stammt von einer Klientin des BFU

Note of appreciation to BFU 

As a young single mother of two (but actually then and now three) children, without any family member and/or friends to lean on for help, comfort and emotional support here in Germany, God blew the wind of hope and relief on my part through a noble and honorable organization ‘BFU’’. An organization full of experts for humanity, ready to return the tranquility and sanity of people like myself going through difficulties in coming to terms with our past, so we can live the present and build a better future for ourselves and the people around us.  Living in both day and night full of darkness in the form of stress, devastation and frustration is not easy and it is not what everyone around you will understand and cope with. Hence, I sincerely thank the entire staff and administration of BFU for their understanding and help in making me get to the level of feeling relief.  Ever since I started the treatment with them, I have felt a lot better than two years ago before I started taking treatment sessions with them. A special thanks to my first psychological psychotherapist and my current psychological psychotherapist for giving me the strength and confidence to be able to open up to them and also talk about my painful and disturbing past. I am always looking forward to each and every therapy session due to their kind, caring and empathic approach along with professionalism in carrying out their job. The most interesting part of it is not just the treatment sessions the BFU offers but also the full and complete support with regards to every difficult phase here in Germany. Most remarkable is the social assistance they are always ready to render to me. My sincere gratitude to my social worker / social pedagogue for her endless support in addressing my social issues. I am very grateful to the entire BFU family for accepting my application and allowing me to be part of their family. I said family because this is how I feel being treated by them, the care, concern and support makes me feel that I belong and I am accepted. This feeling I could not have in my own home land due to excessive social and family oppression and torture. 

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